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"Whelan's", Dublin's upscale music and concert club cum bar and pub, filled up to the brim on 12 August 2011. Brothers Brendan and Declan Murphy, two of the "4 of us", about to come on stage.

The crowd waiting in anticipation (and having a couple of pints in the process, of course ;-))
And by the way (as Rudyard Kipling might have said): A Guinness is but a Guinness, but a well-pulled Smithwick's is a drink. Or the other way round, if you prefer stout over ale.

This particular photo an exhibition print at Allianz ArtForce4, Munich (10-12/2015). Allianz ArtForceX is an exhibition of all types of art, including music (e.g. to be played at the opening event), and where Allianz employees can submit up to four items for judgement and selection by an external jury. Accepted items are being shown during c10 weeks between mid October and Christmas of the same year in a central location at the Allianz SE premises in Munich-Schwabing, Germany. Photo copyright Joachim Schroeter