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Hope & Despair

Another shot full of meaning in the Ireland and Dublin of spring 2011.

Recession still in full swing for most - the cranes at the far end of the picture already idle for a long time on one of the most prominent construction ruins of the country, in the Docklands of the so-called North side (north of the River Liffey), and to be auctioned off to some far way investors shortly thereafter; the Dublin Wheel in the far centre also to fall victim within the year.

The crane in the foreground, however, already heralding a fledgling recovery, with opportunities for others. And the Convention Centre, illuminated by blue ribbons of light in the left foreground, a symbol of the optimism and resilience of a people who surely must have seen it all over the centuries.

This particular photo an exhibition print as "Allianz Re Switzerland Pic(k) of the month" in December 2015. More such photos at Photo copyright Joachim Schroeter.
Hope & Despair