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Splendid photographs are easy: grab camera, drive scenic route, whenever masterpiece in sight stop verhicle to capture, then continue to new exploits, right? Sure.
About two hours previously on this late August day in 2012 I had these majestic mountains in my sight for the first time - driving at 100kms/hr on a motorway, no lay-by to be seen anywhere, arrrgh! Incidentally: about five miles on I had realized that the Irish in that part of the world simply use the roadside regardless, to have a smoke or a read, trade sheep, do anything they please - well, you live and learn.
This time now, just after six in the evening, we're on a small road on the way to fabulous and surprisingly little known Horseshoe Drive, and here they are again - with ditches and fences hemming in the small road, chasing and oncoming traffic aplenty, just where on Earth am I going to leave this bl***y car?! Finally slipped it into a tiny gateway, breaks squealing, pebbles flying everywhere, my left hand already reaching behind the seat to grab the camera, then desperately sprinting to a little elevation nearby, to get a good angle across the fence while the gorgeous light was rapidly threatening to go. Still, put the camera on a post to avoid my probably 200+ pulse ruining the shot in the end. Looking a the LCD and finally - peace. Yeah, splendid photographs are indeed soooo easy!

This particular photo of Ben Whiskin (left; front) and Ben Bulbin (right; back), part of the Dartry Mountain range in so-called "Yeats' Country" close to Sligo, northwestern Ireland, an exhibition print as "Allianz Re Switzerland Pic(k) of the month" in April 2016. More such photos at Photo copyright Joachim Schroeter