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Christina Schels 2023.07-20729Christina Schels 2023.07-20176Christina Schels 2023.07-20206Christina Schels 2023.07-20725Christina Schels 2023.07-20433Christina Schels 2023.07-20502WALKS OF LIFE: Berlin 2023.03-25114WALKS OF LIFE: Tel Aviv 2018.05-80205WALKS OF LIFE: Munich 2017.05-80059WALKS OF LIFE: Brussels 2017.04-50040WALKS OF LIFE: Rome 2016.08-50717WALKS OF LIFE: Madrid 2016.05-50595WALKS OF LIFE: Barcelona 2016.04-50778WALKS OF LIFE: Berne 2015.09-24902WALKS OF LIFE: Lucerne 2015 .08-24007WALKS OF LIFE: Munich 2015.08-30036WALKS OF LIFE: Bad Ragaz 2015.08-24036WALKS OF LIFE: Istanbul 2009.05-1041WALKS OF LIFE: Lucerne 2015 .08-24009Magdalena 2023.06-15414