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Signposts near Four Roads, Co Roscommon, Ireland (2019; 90961)Avenue to the family farmhouse (2019; 90380)The family farmhouse (2019; 90826)The family farmhouse with Frank (2019; 90856)The family farmhouse with mother Bridie (2019; 90848)The family farmhouse with Frank & mother Bridie (2019; 90838)The old farmhouse range (2019; 90812)The old tea caddy (2019; 90823)The back garden at the family farmhouse (2019; 90911)The Pump Bohreen, a small farm road (2019; 90940)Frank at the Hazel Wood in the Hill Field (2019; 90041)Getting the hay ready for baling in the Hill Field (2019; 90133)Frank with brother Donal in the Hill Field (2019; 90240)Frank in the field of freshly baled hay (2019; 90727)The family sheep paint branding iron (2019; 90933)The back garden at the family farmhouse (2019; 90922)Old soldering iron (2019; 90395)Frank in front of the family farmhouse (2019; 90432)Typical weathered limestone dry stone wall (2019; 90298)Frank and the limestone dry stone wall (2019; 90266)