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Heike (2)

This is a really good friend - Heike (Heike Wiegand).

Heike is a very engaging individual with widely ranging interests and also a highly accomplished businesswoman (e.g. LinkedIn: - and that’s exactly the combination I wanted the portraits to convey when we did the shoot in early August 2015 around the in Zurich, after a delicious Korean dinner at nearby .

The photos during dinner weren’t nearly as good as the ones later on, which to me is yet more proof of one of my favourite “Good Portraits 101” posts by one of my favourite photo bloggers of all time, Kirk Tuck: . As always with Kirk, admirably short, succinct, to the point, and generous with the nuggets of a lifetime’s experience. And the best moments of our shoot came about exactly as he describes.

Photo copyright 2015 Joachim Schroeter. More photos of Heike at More photography, travel and other fine things in life by Joachim at
Heike (2)