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Michel Birnbacher 2022.10-26159Jan de Vries 2022.10-26019Walter 2021-24010Walter 2021-24005Walter 2021-24003Andreas 2021-20152Joachim Schroeter (2020; 90186m) for the mylenwyd ARTIST IN RESIJoachim Schroeter (2020; 10074m)Kai Schlender / bugks (2020; 93057m), professional commercial &Max Goldmann & Stephanie Jellen (2020; 90925m)Vinzent & Anian Jellen (2020; 90850m)Markus Jellen (2020; 90765m)Max Goldmann (2020; 90300m)Markus Jellen (2020; 90150m)Max Goldmann (2020; 90137m)Karl Horn (2020; 24184m) for the mylenwyd AT HOME series in theJürgen (2020; 24173m)Walter Gschell (2020; 24014m) for the mylenwyd AT HOME series inChristian L. Stahl, master winemaker, chef, and multi-awarded owWilhelm Ruprecht (2019; 90081m; front left) and his EISKIMO Caf