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Forest near Wuerzburg 2022.06-80015Leaves in Lehel (Munich) 2022.06-20003Lake Schwerin (from park Schloss Luebstorf; 2019; 91624)Candado Beach (Málaga 2017; 80550)Candado Beach (Málaga 2017; 80533)Candado Beach (Málaga 2017; 80235)Candado Beach (Málaga 2017; 80122)Fall foliageDahlia Cultivar "Tartan" (Asteraceae) no. 2Hope & DespairReaching outTrasna na dTonnta: Receiving line (B&W version)Silver liningDay after day alone on a hill ...Across the River and Into the Trees ... (no. 4)The WallBraving the elementsConversationSunlit stage