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Uli Hoefle: New York State of Mind 2024.01-21395Uli Hoefle: New York State of Mind 2024.01-20717Uli Hoefle: New York State of Mind 2024.01-20306Splendid Suite 103 - Gold: Sabine W 2024.01-67003Splendid Suite 103 - Morning: Sabine W 2024.01-21409Splendid Suite 103 - Evening: Sabine W 2024.01-20129Sonja G: Motorworld Matinee 2023.12-15377Sonja G: Motorworld Matinee 2023.12-12528Splendid Suite 104 - Blue: Mia 2023.12-67012Splendid Suite 104 - Blue: Mia 2023.12-67009Splendid Suite 104 - Day: Mia 2023.12-20916Sabine W: Gesprengte Ketten 2023.10-20348Katha 2023.10-13099Laura 2023.09-15235Sonja G: Fountainian Rhapsody 2023.09-20212Natalie B: Night and Day 2023.08-21666Natalie B: Night and Day 2023.08-21110Christina Schels: Fountain fun 2023.07-21191Christina Schels: Fountain fun 2023.07-21130Igor Schuettler AT WORK 2023.06-30026