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Freiburg i.B. 2023.10-30041Freiburg i.B. 2023.10-30036Freiburg i.B. 2023.10-30007France, F-52500 Maâtz 2023.06-30026France, F-52500 Maâtz 2023.06-13269France, F-52500 Maâtz 2023.06-30016France, F-52500 Maâtz 2023.06-13199Karlstadt / Main (Saupurzel to Edelweiss) 2023.01-25062Karlstadt / Main (Saupurzel to Edelweiss) 2023.01-25060Karlstadt / Main (Saupurzel to Edelweiss) 2023.01-25057Karlstadt / Main (Saupurzel to Edelweiss) 2023.01-25050Karlstadt / Main (Saupurzel to Edelweiss) 2023.01-25045Karlstadt / Main (Saupurzel to Edelweiss) 2023.01-25044Karlstadt / Main (Saupurzel to Edelweiss) 2023.01-25038Forest near Wuerzburg 2022.06-80015Reaching outSilver liningDay after day alone on a hill ...Across the River and Into the Trees ... (no. 4)Conversation